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What is the Dharma Yatra?

The European Dharma Yatra has been running annually since 2001.

Over 100 people from more than 20 countries worldwide come each summer to walk through the French countryside in silence. Exploring Dharma, meditating in the beauty and simplicity of Nature, being together as Sangha; a spiritual community making an outer and an inner spiritual journey together.

The emphasis is twofold:

DHARMA - Regular meditations, with instruction and guidance. Dharma Teachings, Group and individual meetings with teachers, Dharma discussion and debate, and approximately 5 hours of silent walking meditation each day at a moderate walking pace.

YATRA - We walk together making a spiritual journey. The goal of pilgrimage is in walking one step at a time, one breath at a time, allowing an intimacy with the Here and Now, a contact with the immediacy of life, deepening in our contact with and our understanding of the world around and within.