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Other Events

For your interest we have collected some of the many retreats and dharma events that are happening in France before or after the Yatra. For more information follow the links.

As well as events offered by our sister organisations such as SanghaSeva.

1 to 5 June 2022
Humanity in Action

This meditation in action retreat in Calais will is designed to support refugees. As well as working with NGO's in the area, we will practice meditation, have discussions, and group processing. Our time there will be an act of solidarity and contribute to a real difference for those who truly need help.
With Nathan Glyde

All year round
Personal or couple

Time, silence and space, in the middle of a natural park, in the south of France .
On your own or accompanied by Kiêt and Sandra DAO

7-16 & 16-25 August 2022
Sangha Holiday

Together on holiday with like minded people, in a natural park, by a beautiful river, exploring the Dharma. Silent mornings, spontaneous discussions, swims, music and fun. A light experience, yet deep and transformative.
With Denis Robberechts