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Dharma Yatra 2022

This year's Yatra will start on the afternoon of 27 July at 1 pm until the 5 August 2022 at 11 am.

After a long break of almost three years, we are very excited to resume the Dharma Yatra in France this summer. There are a few important changes this year, the first being that we will only have one camp!

For various reasons, we decided this year to offer the Yatra in a single camp. We intend to walk as much as in previous Yatras, but we will return to the same camp at the end of each day. Please ensure you can commit for the whole 10 days. Participating in the Yatra means being present from start to finish.

There is no possibility to join the Yatra except at the start and we are unable to make arrangements for you to leave before the end of the Yatra. In 2022, we will start near Dionay (38160) in the Isère department of France.

Via the links on this page you will hopefully find all the information you need for joining the Yatra

We have made important changes to the Dharma Yatra that we want to tell you about:

For environmental and compassionate reasons, we decided that year the diet on the Yatra will be completely plant-based. To learn more about why we’ve made this decision, please read the 2022 changes page.

In 2020 we updated our information on the guidelines about bringing children on the Yatra. Please read the updated guidelines.

Also please read about the changes to how we volunteer on the yatra and information about coronavirus.

If you still have a question do contact us. But please bear in mind that the Yatra is running thanks to the dedication of a small team of volunteers. To offer them the most support please read through all the pages of this site, including the FAQ page before you contact them with any questions.

We recommend reading though all the information listed below in order. To facilitate this there is an onward link at the bottom of each page.