last update: 2015-01-07

Welcome to the Dharma Yatra website


Do join our 2015 walking pilgrimage (yatra) in the beautiful French countryside.

We are preparing for the 15th annual French Yatra. It will start on Monday afternoon of July 27, 2015, and end by noon on Thursday August 6, 2015.

Registration will open in April 2015.

This year the Yatra will will start near the village of Glandage in the French Alps about an hour's drive south of Grenoble. It is near the town of Die (remember that's a french word and has no association with the English word!)
The nearest airports are Grenoble and Lyon.
The nearest train station is Lus-la-Croix-Haute.
Precise directions will be sent to you on registration.

End point of the yatra will be in the same area, with transport provided to the railway station and the Yatra car parking place.

Teachers: Christopher Titmuss, Zohar Lavie, Denis Robberechts and Nathan Glyde.

We have a maximum capacity of 125 people and 25 children.

Note: Currently this website contains information for 2014's Yatra. It will be updated with new information by the end of February 2015. Thank you for your patience.

A Yatra is a pilgrimage. Men, women and children have gone on walking pilgrimages for thousands of years. Our Yatra is run without fix price but rather in a spirit of cost sharing among all participants and donations for teachers and managers.
The only fixed fee that will be ask is the registration one that will confirm your presence and enables us to pay the bills before the Yatra.

Do join. It is a wonderful event.

Please be sure to come back to the site to register in April 2015. We look forward to seeing you.

Preparing the Dharma Yatra at the feet of the giant Buddha statue in Sarnath, India
Preparing the Dharma Yatra...